Pujols Vs. the Field

It seems like common place for baseball fans to be cynics when it comes to any player performing in modern times at the level beyond greatness. Writers, bloggers, fans, and those people who don’t know anything about the game love to question every home run hit because of the mistakes of a few (well actually a whole lot of people) but it is 2009 there is a drug testing system in place in the minor and major leagues and I think it’s high time we begin appreciating some of the players we get to currently watch.

Most specifically in the charge above is accepting and delighting in the awesome ability that resides in one Albert Pujols. The following graphs are a comparison to the other ‘great’ first baseman. By no means is it a complete list of players at the position who were of the Hall of Fame caliber but it is a short list of what I have come to deem a consensus of the upper echelon of first baseman.

Pujols Vs. The Field Nth Best Seasons

Pujols V the Field _ nth season

Pujols Vs. The Field WAR/150 Games

Pujols V the Field _ War_150

You will take note that the data on the graphs comes from Baseball Projections War database and also that Pujols has an extra dot on his line which indicates the 2009 season (Zips projections for the rest of the season and a little simple math were used to project that number of 10.2 WAR, which could easily be an underestimation of where Pujols finishes this season). The first graph is WAR total in their nth best season (it is not in order of when the seasons were played), the second in a comparison of each players value per 150 games played.

I could go on and write a thesis citing every number from OBP to SLG and Homeruns about how Pujols stacks up against the very best of his positional counterparts but the visuals should do the job just as well. Lou Gehrig is rightfully considered one of the 10 greatest MLB players ever; Jimmie Foxx is often times considered in the next 10. But with this data it’s pretty reasonable to consider Albert Pujols as Foxx’s equal already and in many cases his superior. I am of the opinion that Pujols will someday become the greatest first baseman of all time, how long that takes I’m not sure (that Gehrig guy set a pretty high bar). For the sake of baseball fans, I really hope those cynics are wrong about Albert because watching someone of his talent level is a once a generation proposition.

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