Time to play Player A or Player B (with graphs!)

This edition of Player A or Player B features two centerfielders who played in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Although I prefer UZR/150 to Total Zone, I’ll be using TZ simply because there is no UZR/150 data available to us prior to 2002.

Player A: .284/.377/.528 with a .384 wOBA, .303 EqA, 45 TZ

Player B: .286/.372/.543 with a .388 wOBA, .308 EqA, -63 TZ

Now, who would you take? The stats are close and an argument can be made for either one. Knowing who they are, I would take Player B. But based on consistency and their overall career, I would take A. So, who are they?

Player A is Jim Edmonds and Player B is Ken Griffey Jr. One player is considered good, the other is called an all-time great. A legend if you will. Yet the career statistics of these two are pretty similar. Granted, Griffey’s peak was better than Edmond’s peak, and Griffey declined greatly due to injuries, but that doesn’t change the fact that Edmonds is another underrated and unappreciated baseball player.

The point basically is that it’s about time that Jim Edmonds gets the respect he deserves. His stats are comaparable to a player who most certainly will be voted into the HOF on the first ballot, while Jimmy may not even get in at all.

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2 Comments on “Time to play Player A or Player B (with graphs!)”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I won’t hold my breath on Edmonds getting much serious consideration for the HOF. He’s right there in career WAR with Larry Walker, Alan Trammell, Ron Santo and Edgar Martinez (though also Ivan Rodriguez, Eddie Murray, and Duke Snider). It’s a tricky area for some guys, but Edmonds does have the Gold Gloves and All-Star appearances, plus some OK MVP voting. Definitely underappreciated (though probably less than some other players).

    • bballer2294 Says:

      I think it’s in the gray area of Should be HOF’s but aren’t b/c of lack of Media knowledge of them… Players like Walker, Trammell, and Edmonds deserve HOF spots a lot more than players like Bill Mazeroski and Jim Rice to name a few… I think Walker might have a good shot though just because he was HUGE in Colorado for a while if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for commenting!

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