Pitcher of the future

Recently I was reading someone claim that Tim Lincecum is and will be the best pitching since Pedro Martinez.

So that got me thinking, is Tim Lincecum really the best pitcher since Pedro Martinez? After looking at it, I could only find one challenger. No it’s not Johan Santana. From 2004-2006, Johan posted consecutive 7+ WAR seasons, as well as K/BB ratios of 4.91, 5.29, and 5.21 in order. However, Johan did that in his age 25-27 seasons. While still impressive, in his age 24 and 25 seasons, Lincecum is putting up similar if not better seasons. Linecum still has a long and bright future ahead of him where he could put up even better numbers, while Johan’s numbers have gone down just about each season since 2006.

So who is the one person who could challenge Timmy for best pitcher since Pedro? Felix Hernandez.

Yes, this pick is mainly based on age and how successful he’s been at such a young age. In 2006 when Timmy was 22, he was pitching in Washington for the Huskies. In 2006 when Felix was 20, he was pitching in Washington for the Mariners.  To the tune of a 3.91 FIP, 2.93 K/BB, and 3.8 WAR no less.

At the tender age of 23, Felix has a 2.75 FIP, 3.61 K/BB, and 4.6 WAR, to complement his career 3.53 FIP and 2.87 K/BB. Again, he is 23. King Felix should still continue to get better and better. He could be crazy good. Although it was his rookie season, when Timmy was 23 he had a 3.63 FIP, 2.31 K/BB, and 3.2 WAR. This was in the NL West no less.

This was a quick post/analysis but to sum: King Felix is damn good and considering his success at the pro level at such a young age, he could be the one who is called the best pitcher in baseball since Pedro. Not Lincecum.

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One Comment on “Pitcher of the future”

  1. Disco Says:

    I’m going to give a shout out to Greinke as well.

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