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Tim McCarver…

September 26, 2009

said, “Matsuzaka has not allowed a run today, but has thrown 2/3 of his pitches from the stretch. Odd.

Welcome to his 2008 season, Tim.


“Melky Cabrera can get on base with the best of them”

September 17, 2009

That is an exact quote by some asshole host of MLBN’s MLB Tonight.

Best OBP in baseball: .449

Melky Cabrera: .342



September 16, 2009

As September continues on, the only true playoff race is the NL Wild Card. The two teams vying for the WC spot are the Rockies and Giants. For some reason, I enjoy when the Rockies do well. Plus, I love Todd Helton. I want him to get another chance in October. However, as a baseball fan, San Francisco has to make the playoffs. A STL/SF NLDS will have a Lincecum/Carpenter match and Cain/Wainwright match. Can’t get much better than that.

Which scenario should I pull for him? Hmmm…I’m leaning towards San Francisco. Because of Owner.

Read our sister blog!

September 16, 2009

WNR4HL is doing a pre-season divisional breakdown. Read it. Here is an excerpt of the NY Knickerbocker:

New York Knicks  (32-50, 5th in the Atlantic)

Offseason Moves:

– Drafted Jordan Hill out of Arizona
– Lost Quentin Richardson.
– Gained THE Darko Millic

Why they might be good:

The Mike D’Antoni “Seven seconds or less” offense might actually work out. I mean, it didn’t work out too well last season, but you all know what they say about Team Chemistry. Al Harrington is a pretty good player. Wilson Chandler has got some upside. David Lee is still David Lee, a really good rebounder and solid block scorer. Nate Robinson was great at the 6th man role. The Knicks could bring it together.

Why the might not be good:

Seven seconds of mess. Jordan Hill makes too many mistakes in Summer League. Larry Hughes still takesbadshots. Darko Millic is still Darko Millic. This team doesn’t look cohesive enough to make a playoff push. While everyone in the Atlantic aside from the Nets gained weapons or systems, the Knicks decided to wait it out for the “Lebron James 2010 sweepstakes”. Expect bad, Knicks fans.

Players to watch:

Nate Robinson. He’s got a forked road ahead of him. On the left, there’s the CYP.He most likely is gonna sign a one year deal with the Knicks, making him a FA for 2010. If he decides to make most of this year to get a good contract for next year, here’s his chance. On the right, its the “trade me please” road. Because he’s got a one year deal, that’s trade bait. Teams that want cap space would SALIVATE to gain Nate Robinson. The Knicks could get the news Lebron is gonna resign with the Cavs, decide to get…um…I dunno…Carlos Boozer, and use Nate as a trade chip. Otherwise, look for Nate to either suck badly, or put up career numbers.


29-53, 4th in Atlantic.


September 12, 2009

David Robertson v. Daniel Bard

Bard: 43 IP, 3.32 ERA, 3.01 FIP, 3.70 tRA, 12.25 K/9, 2.95 BB/9, 0.83 HR/9

D-Rob: 41 IP, 3.29 ERA, 3.05 FIP, 3.80 tRA, 13.39 K/9, 4.83 BB/9, 0.88 HR/9

This isn’t really to say one is better than the other, its more or less about hype, coverage, and rep of the players compared to each other with similar production thus far.

You can look at the leverage situations or what have you, but it won’t affect the intended purpose of the thread.

Bard is the heir apparent to Papelbon. D-Rob is virtually unknown to the common fan outside NY.

Give my n—-r some love.

Is Jeff Kent a Hall of Famer

September 5, 2009

Our #1 fan Owner asked me if Jeff Kent is a HOF caliber player. So I talked about it on Stat Speak.

Enjoy and comment!

Jeff Kent in Dodgers blue, just for you Owner

Jeff Kent in Dodgers blue, just for you Owner

Ring around the Posey

September 2, 2009

This post is dedicated to our #1 fan, Owner. I better see an appearance from you in the comments section.

Today the Giants called stud catching prospect, Buster Posey, up to the show. Giants fans (and Owner), rejoice.

Since entering professional baseball last summer,  all he has done is rake. During high A this year, Posey hit .326/.428/.540/.434 in 80 games and 346 PA. Moreover, his BB/K ratio was an impressive 1.00. His ISO and IsoPD were both solid. But that was just high A and he was 22. So they moved him all the way up to AAA.

In the SSS of 34 games and 146 PA, he put up a line of .310/.384/.508/.385. Sick. This catcher can just flat out rake, regardless of the level (s0 far). Obviously, it’s even more impressive that he’s hitting so damn good as a catcher.

His power and discipline are there. So what about his batted balls? According to statcorner, his Ct% in AAA was 81.3%, which should means he should translate to the majors.

Just over a year after being selected in the first round by the Giants, Posey should already be helping the Giants in a playoff chase.