Ring around the Posey

This post is dedicated to our #1 fan, Owner. I better see an appearance from you in the comments section.

Today the Giants called stud catching prospect, Buster Posey, up to the show. Giants fans (and Owner), rejoice.

Since entering professional baseball last summer,  all he has done is rake. During high A this year, Posey hit .326/.428/.540/.434 in 80 games and 346 PA. Moreover, his BB/K ratio was an impressive 1.00. His ISO and IsoPD were both solid. But that was just high A and he was 22. So they moved him all the way up to AAA.

In the SSS of 34 games and 146 PA, he put up a line of .310/.384/.508/.385. Sick. This catcher can just flat out rake, regardless of the level (s0 far). Obviously, it’s even more impressive that he’s hitting so damn good as a catcher.

His power and discipline are there. So what about his batted balls? According to statcorner, his Ct% in AAA was 81.3%, which should means he should translate to the majors.

Just over a year after being selected in the first round by the Giants, Posey should already be helping the Giants in a playoff chase.

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3 Comments on “Ring around the Posey”

  1. Owner Says:

    This makes Owner very very happy. However what is Ct% and how does that translate over into the MLB?

    Also how do you see him as a hitter next year?

    • Disco Says:

      Ct% is contact percentage. It’s basically when a batter puts the ball in play and does not K or BB.

      Typically, if you have a good Ct% in the majors, you should translate well into the majors since you should be able to hit/make contact with ML pitching. If you are K’ing a ton in the minors, then you will not hit too good in the majors (i.e. Cameron Maybin) unless you are Adam Dunn or Ryan Howard.

      As for Posey, he should be a great hitter. Considering he is a rookie and a catcher at that, don’t expect him to continue hitting .300/.400/.500 in September. He may start out slow. But by, at the latest, the second half of next season I feel he will start to emerge.

      • Disco Says:

        And that’s not to say Maybin is going to suck, but I feel he is highly overrated. A better example might be Delmon Young.

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