David Robertson v. Daniel Bard

Bard: 43 IP, 3.32 ERA, 3.01 FIP, 3.70 tRA, 12.25 K/9, 2.95 BB/9, 0.83 HR/9

D-Rob: 41 IP, 3.29 ERA, 3.05 FIP, 3.80 tRA, 13.39 K/9, 4.83 BB/9, 0.88 HR/9

This isn’t really to say one is better than the other, its more or less about hype, coverage, and rep of the players compared to each other with similar production thus far.

You can look at the leverage situations or what have you, but it won’t affect the intended purpose of the thread.

Bard is the heir apparent to Papelbon. D-Rob is virtually unknown to the common fan outside NY.

Give my n—-r some love.

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3 Comments on “D-Rob”

  1. Joe Says:

    Umm…let’s be original here. Let’s stop copying other people’s work. In this case, the LoHud Yankees Blog.

    This blog is awful. All it is is copying other people’s work and putting it in a different format.

    • Disco Says:

      How’s it stealing work? I read it there and decided recently to expand upon. Youz is slow?


      The much-heralded Daniel Bard of the Red Sox:

      38 appearances, 42.1 innings, 33 hits, 16 earned runs, 18 walks, 56 strikeouts, 4 home runs. Very impressive for the 24-year-old.

      Then we have this 24-year-old player:

      41 appearances, 40 innings, 34 hits, 15 earned runs, 21 walks, 60 strikeouts, 4 home runs.

      Who might that be? Do not sleep on Dave Robertson, folks.


      Thanks to loyal reader Ross for pointing that out to me.”

      Because PAbe uses deeper metrics like FIP, etc.

    • Disco Says:

      Also, I just went through our blog history. Don’t see anything we took from someone else, especially considering I know I didn’t and that our other writers didn’t fo sho.

      Idc if you hate it though. That’s fine. But don’t lie. It’s disgusting.

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