Nyjer “Soft Velvet” Morgan

After reading the title, you might be asking yourself one of two questions. 1) What the hell is “Soft Velvet. And 2) Who is Nyjer Morgan? If you know the answer to both already, give yourself a pat on the back. If you know the answer to 2, well, who cares because if you read this blog you should know who Nyjer Morgan is.

To answer the questions anyway. “Soft Velvet” is what I call someone with a smooth glove. It is a noun. In the noun form it’s “Atta way to flash the smooth velvet, Nyjer!” or it’s “Smooth Velvet doing work”. As for Nyjer Morgan, he is a center fielder who used to play for the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates. Mid-season he was traded to the even lowlier Washington Nationals. So it’s no fault of yours if you have never heard of him before.

But let’s get to the point of the thread. He defines “Smooth Velvet”. The dood can field. In his CF carreer of 781 innings, he has a UZR/150 of 32.9. Holy. Shit. Sure, about 800 innings is a low sample size. But it is safe to say the guy can cover some ground. He has played a grand total of 697 innings in LF with a UZR/150 of 21.2. In 1526 career innings in the OF, he has a total UZR/150 of 27.9. Insane. A sample of over 1500 innings is enough to say the guy is a terrific fielder.

I mean think about, in CF he is worth about 3 wins. He contributes three wins on defense alone. That is cray-zee. Just to be one of the more valuable players in the game, he just has to be decent with the bat. Which he is. For his career he has an OBP of .362 with a career wOBA of .337. If he can just be an average hitter while keeping up his defensive performance, he will be  a very valuable member to the Nationals or any other team he will be on. When looking at his broken down WAR between batting runs and fielding runs, fielding runs take up 84% of the value between the two.

Here are some fun facts. According to WAR, Morgan was the 12th most valuable player with a 4.8 WAR. And among all MLB CF, Morgan is third in WAR behind Franklin Guitierez and Matt Kemp.

Nyjer Morgan, meet the average MLB fan. Average MLB fan, meet Nyjer Morgan.

Nyjer Morgan (Tell Em Man) flashing the smooth velvet and doing work

Nyjer Morgan (Tell 'Em Man) flashing the smooth velvet and doing work

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