AL Gold Glove Winners

1B: Teixeira

2B: Polanco

3B: Longoria

SS: Jeter

OF: A. Jones

OF: Ichiro

OF: Hunter

C: Mauer (He’ll win this until hes no longer a catcher, you can write that down)

P: Buehrle

Guitierez doesn’t win. Super Duper Failure on the voters part.

I think Andrus should have been the SS choice for GG, but these choices aren’t “horrible” like some years.

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One Comment on “AL Gold Glove Winners”

  1. Disco Says:

    “Just as an aside, I was a Sporting News correspondent for several years in the 1990s when that publication sponsored the Gold Glove awards. It was the job of each correspondent to gather the votes of the coaches and manager of the team he covered—in my case, the San Francisco Giants.

    Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with the depth of knowledge of the coaches when it came to evaluating the candidates and coming to a conclusion. They’d pretty much blurt out the name of a guy that they remembered as making some good plays against them (often asking a fellow coach what he thought, and coming to a consensus opinion that way), or pick the player that had the reputation as being the best at his position, even if that reputation was no longer deserved. I’m pretty sure my team wasn’t the only one that operated this way, which explains how Rafael Palmeiro was voted Gold Glove first baseman in 1999 despite playing just 28 games at first base. Reputation and name recognition played a huge role in the voting, as I saw it first-hand. Maybe things have gotten better since then.”

    Nice to see Selig doesn’t care that awards are meaningless.

    I disagree with Hunter and Polanco, but both have that reputation, especially Hunter.

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