Top 100 players of all-time: 100-91

Over the next couple weeks, a guest writer is unveiling his top 100 players of all-time. The writer is a very smart teenager. Yes, teenager. But trust us, he is a credible author on the subject. We’ve known him for a year and he is very eager to learn about baseball and he knows what’s up. So he was challenged to create a top 100 players of all-time list. Here are his results, 91-100. Oh, and he goes by the name “YC”:

Here is my list of the top 100 players. I am going to be explaining myself ten at a time using some key stats from their career.

OBP/SLG/wOBA/WAR will be the format of stats and WHIP/LOB%/FIP/WAR for pitchers.

100. Roberto Alomar

Alomar was a son of Sandy Alomar who also played in the big leagues. He was a switch hitter and was starting by the age of twenty. Gold Gloves aren’t the best measure of a good defender but he won ten of them. He was a twelve time All-Star too. He was great at getting on base, but it seems his glove was his greatest strength. Alomar was around 200 hits shy of the 3,000 hits club. He was one of the best switch hitters ever. Alomar had ten switch hit home runs same games in his career. This upcoming year he will be eligible to go to the Hall of Fame.

99. Willie Stargell

Stargell was a great home run hitter. Hitting 475 in his career. He holds the Pirates career home run record and he had the honors of winning the 1979 National League MVP. He is already a Hall of Fame member. Stargell is a seven time all star. He also hit for the cycle once in his career.

98. Carlton Fisk

Fisk won the rookie of the year award in 1972 (was a unanimous choice) along with his only Gold Glove. Fisk is an 11 time all star for the Red Sox and even has one of their most memorable world series moments. Fisk hit a walk off in the 1976 World Series to win game 6. He is too a Hall of Famer. He compiled 376 career home runs.

97. Ron Santo

Santo was one of the best players never to make the post-season. Santo won five gold gloves and was a nine-time All-Star. He was a power threat with his 342 career home runs. Four times he hit 30 home runs and batter over .300. It was an era when scoring was suppressed.

96. Carl Hubbell
1.17/72.9 %/3.55/64.4

With an ERA just under 3.00 (2.98) “King Carl” was one of the most dominant pitchers of his era. Hes  a HOF’er and won the World Series once with the New York Giants. Hubbell is a two-time MVP winner and a nine-time all star. He won 253 games with the help of the Giants run support.

95. Robin Roberts
1.17/74.0 %/3.50/80.9

The ace of the “Whiz Kids” in the 50’s Roberts led the Phillies to their first pennant in 35 years in 1950. His control was amazing that he never walked more than 77 batters in any season. All together he walked 902 in his 19 year career. His ERA was 3.41. He is a Hall of Famer and a seven-time all star.

94. Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

The Pudge of my era was one of the most dominant to ever play the game. His defense was amazing as his 10 gold gloves show. He won the ’99 AL MVP with the Texas Rangers and was a twelve-time All-Star. He wasn’t a bad power hitting catcher as he hit 295 home runs in his career. Pudge also led the 2003 Marlins to their 2nd World Series title.

93. Reggie Jackson

In the late 70’s the Bronx was burning with the three-way love/hate relationship between Jackson, Martin, and Steinbrenner. Jackson was pretty much surrounded by controversy his entire career. Though no matter what he’s known as a winner. Jackson was a five time World Series Champion. Hes a member of the 500 home runs club. A total of 563. He won the AL MVP in 1973 and hes a two-time WS MVP. Reggie also made the all star team fourteen times. He made the HOF in 1993.

92. Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford is one of those really old time players. With only 97 career home runs he retired with the most home runs, extra-base hits, total bases, RBI, and triples in the American league. Sam was a good hitter as his average was .309.

91. Derek Jeter


The Yankees captain is still playing and still deserves to be in the top 100. This season really launched him into it. Hes one of the best post-season hitters ever. He may not be the best defensive player, but he is very athletic. He won the 96′ ROY, 2000 WS MVP, and a three-time GG winner. He is a three-time all star and was close to winning the 2006 MVP. Known for his clutch performances Jeter will forever be a Yankee legend.

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