Mariners sign Chone Figgins

The staff here at 4PARL are not Mariners fans. However, this off-season we are pulling for them to continue their turnaround. In 2008, they lost 101 games and the horrible Bill Bavasi was still the GM. Just over a season later, the Mariners are looking to build a playoff team under the direction of GM Jack Zduriencik. That is why we are estatic of the news that the Mariners signed Chone Figgins to a four year deal worth $36mil.

Chone Figgins will take over third base for Adrian Beltre and fit in well with Seattle’s defensive excellency, while also adding some much needed offense. The Mariners have built their current roster upon defense and Figgins should live up to expectations. The past two seasons at third he has a UZR/150 of 13.8 and 18.8. He also has a projected 2010 UZR/150 of 8.7. But Seattle’s biggest weakness has been offense. While Figgins isn’t an All-Star hitter, he is good at getting on base. In respective order from 2007-2009, his OBP has been .393, .367, and .395. Over that same time his wOBA has been .371, .319, and .358. Not too bad.

Figgins will be paid $9mil per season over the next four seasons. That is a really good deal. The Mariners are roughly paying for a two win player over the next four seasons. In all likelihood, Figgins will be at least a three WAR player over the next few seasons. I project Figgins to be a 3.6 WAR player in 2010, which means in the first year of the contract the Mariners will be getting a surplus of about 1.5-2 wins. Talk about a bargain.

The Mariners have started the off-season on the right foot and hopefully they can keep it up. If they really want to go all in and steal the AL West crown away from the Angels, they should sign John Lackey, Nick Johnson, and Jack Cust. Lackey will bolster the rotation, while NJ and Cust can add offensive power, which was their missing link last season. Now that’s a playoff team.

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