Top 100 players of all-time: 80-71

80. Luke Appling

Luke was a great contact hitter. His batting average was .310 and he was 251 hits shy of 3,000. Appling has the highest single season batting average for a shortstop ever (.388). Appling was selected to seven All-Star games.

79. Kid Nichols
1.22/62.9 %/3.47/102.3

Nichols is one of the first dominant fastball pitchers ever. He accumulated 361 wins with an ERA of 2.95. In his first 10 seasons in the major leagues Nichols won twenty or more games. He ate up a lot of innings. 5056.1 total to be frank.

78. Tim Raines

Raines was a speed demon. He could steal at will. He piled up over 1,500 runs scored and 2,600 hits. Raines won the 1986 Batting Title and led the National league in steals for four straight seasons. He is a one time World Series Champion. He hit for the cycle once and made the All-Star game seven times. His main stat was his 808 steals.

77. Paul Waner

Waner was a great hitter. He is a part of the 3,000 hits club with 3152. He won three Batting Titles and finished top five in MVP voting three times while winning the 1927 MVP. He is a four time All-Star and has had five hitting streaks that lasted twenty games.

76. Bill Dickey

Dickey owns the record of the most games caught in the World Series. (38). He was a key piece to the Yankees dynasties in the 30’s and 40’s. He took advantage of a short right field line at Yankee Stadium. He hit 135 of his 202 homers at home. Dickey was an eleven time All-Star.

75. Mike Piazza


Piazza is the greatest hitting catcher in major league history. Piazza hit at least thirty home runs in nine seasons and totaled 427 home runs all together. He was a twelve time All-Star and won the 1993 Rookie Of the Year award. He was a poor defensive catcher, but still ranks as one of the greats.

74. Edgar Martinez

Martinez is in his first of eligibility for the Hall Of Fame this year. I believe he did enough to get there. In his first three full seasons Martinez had a batting average of .300. Martinez was a part of the Mariners teams that had Griffey and A-Rod. He was a lonely superstar on the team. In his first year without Griffey he had 145 RBI, thirty seven homers, 100 runs scored, ninety-six walks and a .324 average. He was a seven time All-Star. I think of him as the only true Mariner.

73. Jim Edmonds

When you look up web gem in the dictionary you see a picture of Jim Edmonds. Hes known for his amazing catches. He is either diving, twisting, or leaping for tough fly balls. The result is always the same though. An out. To show for his great defense he won seven Gold Gloves. Edmonds is also an excellent hitter. He hit .290-300 almost every season. He also hit forty-two home runs while teaming up with Mark Mcgwire in St. Louis. He has a total of 382 home runs. Edmonds is a four time All-Star.

72. Nolan Ryan
1.25/73.1 %/2.97/84.8

Nolan Ryan lasted from 66-93 in the Major Leagues. In that time he had an ERA of 3.19. Ryan was a fastball pitcher. It was overpowering. He shattered the strikeout record with a total of 5714 k’s. He also pitched seven no-hitters and had 324 wins. Ryan had been to the All-Star game eight times.

71. Al Kaline

Kaline was a fifteen time All-Star and won the Gold Glove ten times. He also won a Batting Title. Kaline was one home run shy of the 400 mark. He was a good hitter and fielder. He had 3007 hits in his twenty seasons in a Tigers uniform.

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