Trade of the off-season and Lackey finds a new home

By now you have probably read about the “three team” deal involving Lee and Halladay as well as it’s analysis through way of fangraphs or other blogs/sites. But we will still give our simple breakdown.

Seattle receives: Cliff Lee

Philadelphia receives: Roy Halladay, Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, and Juan Ramirez

Toronto receives: Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, and Travis D’Arnaud

Let’s look at Seattle first. This was a mega heist for them. Before the trade, the Mariners had a solid ballclub who needed just one more pitcher to give them a legit oppurtunity to win the West. Now they have a Cy Young candidate- and they got him for what seems like very little. Aumont is a power pitcher, but he is just a reliever who struggled in AA. Gillies and Ramirez are two low levels prospects with much development needed. With this trade, I would peg Seattle as the early favorites to win the AL West. Keep doing work, Zduriencik: A+

At the same time- what is Philly doing? Yes, Halladay is better. Yes, Halladay will be a Philly for at least three more seasons, whereas Lee might have been gone after 2010. But what in the world are you thinking? Seattle just robbed you. You traded away one of the premiere pitchers in baseball, for three so-so prospects who may never become solid performers, let alone All-Stars. On top of that, you gave away a stud SP prospect in Drabek, a promising OF prospect in Taylor, and a solid catching prospect in D’Arnaud for three years of Halladay. Doc is a fantastic pitcher, and a 3/$60m deal is a bargain for him. But, where Philly went wrong is the Lee deal. The package they got in return for Lee was not enough to justify trading for Halladay. If Philly needed to cut payroll after getting Halladay by trading Lee, it was a bad choice. There are other players that can be unloaded, such as Joe Blanton: C

From Toronto’s perspective, they got a good haul. Their choice was either to keep Halladay for a year and get two draft picks for him, or to get three known prospects, who each appear good enough to become solid MLB players. Sure, they could have tried to get better offers from New York or Boston, but they still got a good haul from Philly: B+

In other news, Boston signed John Lackey to a 5/$82.5mil deal. This is a good move by Boston. Sure, Lackey was overpaid. For most of his five year estimates, he is projected to have a total WAR of around 15, which correlates to about a 5/$60mil deal. But factoring in Boston has the money to handle that contract and his wins are valuable to a team that will need as many as it can get facing New York and Tampa, it is a solid contract. Lackey, as of now, slides into the middle of the rotation, which probably gives Boston the best staff in the AL.

And by far the losers of yesterday were the Los Angeles Angels. Sure, they signed Matsui for a good price. But they lost their top pitcher while a divisional rival picked up one of the best pitchers in baseball.

EDIT: Michael Taylor was traded from Toronto to Oakland for prospect Brett Wallace. The Athletics have people at 1B and 3B who they like more and the Blue Jays have no prospects at the corner IF positions. This “minor” trade makes sense for both sides.

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