Babe Ruth’s Best Season

I wanted to see which season was Babe Ruth’s best. I narrowed it down to 6 seasons using 5 baselines. He had to have had a .500 wOBA, 200 OPS+, 10 WARP3, 10 WAR, and 5 TZ in the season for it to qualify.

In addition to the five stats listed above I also looked at PA, OBP, SLG, Spd, and EqA.

*EqA is all-time adjusted

Looking at these 6 years is mind boggling and there are many other great years that did not quite live up to these 6. Looking at the chart above, you can clearly see that Babe’s best all around season was in 1923. He combined very good speed, great defense, and outstanding offense. He also had a .393 BA that year. Another fielding metric that is available is FRAA and that year his was 27. He only managed to hit 41 home runs in 1923 which makes his SLG% that much more impressive. He had 45 doubles and 13 triples that year. That makes a grand total of 99 extra base hits. That’s insane. He also had an other worldly 1.83 BB/K ratio.

There’s also this myth that Babe Ruth was strictly a slugger. People think that he was not good in the field or at running the bases. This is a fallacy for most of his career. He did not become fat and out of shape until the end of his career.

Fun Fact: George Herman Ruth got his nickname from the veterans on the Baltimore Orioles. The nickname stemmed from this sentence, “Better be careful. He’s one of Jack Dunn’s babes”. Jack Dunn was the manager at the time and the Orioles were a member of the international league.

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3 Comments on “Babe Ruth’s Best Season”

  1. Disco Says:

    I might go with 1922. Looks like his offense was a little better. Not as good defense, but its TZ which I don’t the most reliable and its TZ from the 1920’s no less.

    Does 1923 or 1922 still stack up though when you look in context of the offensive environment? I know all of the 1920’s was mega offense, but maybe it was more so in 1923. Then say, 1919.

    • twac00 Says:

      Do you mean 1921? I went with the all-around best season. I also looked at FRAA in addition to TZ. I felt that he was so much better in the field in 1923 that it trumps what he added with the bat in ’21. I guess you could go either way.

  2. Disco Says:

    Sorry, that is what I meant. I’m an idiot.

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