Selig appoints a 14-man committee to address on-field issues

The committee includes Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, Dodgers manager Joe Torre, Angels manager Mike Scioscia, Tigers manager Jim Leyland, Braves president John Schuerholz, Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, Former Twins general manager Terry Ryan, Indians general manager Mark Shapiro, Mariners COO Chuck Armstrong, Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston, Cardinals owner Bill Dewitt, Phillies owner Dave Montgomery, Hall of Famer Frank Robinson, and Journalist George Will. The committee will discuss various issues including scheduling, postseason format, umpires, instant replay and the pace of the game. After this postseason there were many questions brought up about replay, stemming from Joe Mauer’s foul ball that landed a foot in fair territory and other obviously blown calls. There was also a lot of talk about the fact that the scheduling in the LCS allowed the Yankees to pitch AJ Burnett in games 2 and 5 on regular rest and Andy Pettitte to pitch games 3 and 6 on regular rest. This was possible because of a stupid scheduling glitch that had an inexplicable off day in between games 4 and 5.

If this was up to me I would institute an extra umpire at every game sitting in a booth or in the MLB offices in NY to monitor the game. That way when there is a questionable call the crew chief can call up and get a decision within 10 seconds. This would eliminate the umps disappearing into the clubhouse after gathering on the field. Right now the only replay is for home runs and it can take too long at times. The umps seem intent on deciding these things without technology if possible. I would also only have off days on travel days.  In the LCS this would be after games 2 and 5. This was not a problem in the WS this year.

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