Matt Holliday and Adrian Beltre sign

Today Matt Holliday signed with the Cardinals for a deal worth $120 million over seven years.

This is a very good move for the Cardinals. Over the past few years Holliday has proved he is one of the best hitters and defensive left fielders in the National League. Here are his numbers from the past four seasons including 2010 projections:

Baseballprojection doesn’t have projections for wOBA through WAR and I chose not to use the projections from fangraphs for that, since it would skew from baseballprojection for Games through SLG.

Either way, this is a good deal for St. Louis. He’s just about been a 5+ WAR player the past four seasons, and projects to top that mark again in 2010. Over the life of the contract he’ll average just over $17mil a season. For the next few seasons, he should be able to live up to that contract. The contract is even more favorable for St. Louis when you factor in Holliday really increases their chances of making the playoffs. The NL Central is a weak division and the Cardinals now bolster a lineup with two stars to match their rotation which bolsters two stars. I give the signing a thumbs up.

In other news, Boston continued to get better by signing Adrian Beltre to a one year deal worth $9 million. This deal has a ton of positives for Boston.

1) They signed a quality player for less than his true value. Beltre is about a 3-4 WAR player being paid similar to that of a 2 WAR player. Beltre is a fantastic fielder who can sport an average offensive line.

2) No more Lowell. Lowell has had a solid career, but he is cooked. He has hip problems and now a thumb problem. His offense has declined and is a black hole in the field. Not to mention he is supposed to make $12mil this season. Boston will just have to eat that contract and play Beltre.

3) Beltre helps Boston get better at defense. They already added Cameron who gives them one of the better defensive outfields in baseball. Now they are putting Beltre in an infield that already includes Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis at first base, and Marco Scutaro, giving them a very good defensive roster that can also hit.

4) The way the Yankees have handled their off-season, Boston knows that any additional wins they can pick up will be extremely valuable. Getting Beltre at $9mil is a no-brainer and a great deal.

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