prospects rankings suck

And all you need to know about why they suck, is because of where they placed Yankees prospect Jesus Montero.

They ranked him 19. 19. Nine-teen. Whah?

Jonn Manuel of BA has him ranked 5th and Keith Law has him 10th (still too low).

What were you thinking,

One major problem I have is that Carlos Santana is ranked 11th. Both are catchers. But Montero is better. In what way is Montero better? Well, let’s look at their lines from AA last season:

Santana: 535 PA, .290/.413/.520/.418wOBA/159wRC+

Montero: 181 PA, .317/.370/.539/.407wOBA/152wRC+

Now,  Montero had a much smaller sample size. But in 198 A+ PA’s, he hit .356/.406/.588/.446wOBA/185wRC+. Yeah.

Overall, their lines are very similar. Santana had a better OBP, but Montero slugged better. So, what makes Montero better?

Age. He put up that line as a NINETEEN YEAR OLD! Santana was 23 last season, or four years earlier. Montero was putting up a similar line (albeit SSS), but at a much younger age. That makes his numbers a lot more impressive than Santana’s. Moreover, Akron, where Santana played, is a very neutral park whereas Trenton, where Montero played, is a big pitcher’s park. In fact, the HR park factor as of 2008 was .89. That didn’t stop him from smashing 9 HR in under 200 PA.

Now, the one thing that hurts Montero is defense. Many people don’t feel he will make it as a catcher. But he is still a better prospect than Santana. He is just a flat out better hitter. And come the start of the 2010 season, both will be starters at AAA. One will be 24.  One will be 20.

Give me Jesus.

EDIT: More proof 19 is a pathetic, shit ranking-

Mike (Long Island N.Y.)

If you were to rank all of the prospects on their bats alone, where would Montero check in? Top 3? Top 5?
Jim Callis (2:48 PM)

He and Jason Heyward are the best hitting prospects in the minors (combining the ability to hit for average and power)

Luis (PR)

Montero or Bryce Harper?
Jim Callis (3:04 PM)

Montero. Good one.

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One Comment on “ prospects rankings suck”

  1. Tony Says:

    This is the most idiotic blog article I’ve read about prospects this year. You can’t simply gloss over the fact that Carlos Santana is infinitely superior defensively – it’s a huge deal! While I agree that Montero is a better prospect than number 19, Montero won’t stick at catcher, he’ll have to move to 1B or DH where his value takes a huge hit.

    Bottom line is that defense is a REALLY big deal, especially at catcher. The difference in defensive value is arguably more than the difference offensive value so it’s certainly up for debate.

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