Clearing the Bases : Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had plenty of success in their short time as a major league ball club. Most of it being with the help of the future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson. Johnson played twenty-two seasons in the big leagues and retired on January 5, 2010. Johnson played in games for six different franchises, most notably the Diamondbacks and Mariners. He intimidated many batters with his greasy mullet and intense stature on the mound. In his prime he could easily hit 100 MPH and though he had a great fastball his slider was his best pitch. Johnson accumulated 4,875 career strikeouts, the second greatest total ever. This past season he recorded his 300th win with the Giants.

During Johnson’s peak he spent three years in Seattle, one year in Houston, and four years in Arizona. I believe his peak was from 1995-2002. By 1995 he was thirty-one years old, but during that time he won 143 games. He lead the league in strikeouts five times totaling 2416. He pitched 1763.0 innings and had an ERA of 2.61. Some of his other numbers are below.

WHIP : 1.069
H/9 : 6.9
HR/9 : .8
BB/9 : 2.8
K/9 : 12.3

He pitched 193 games in his first stint in Arizona. In his 1389.2 innings for the Diamondbacks, he amassed an ERA of 2.65. He won four of his five Cy Young awards in Arizona along with his first and only World Series ring. In fact 2001 may have been Johnson’s best year as a Diamondback. He pitched close to 250 innings and had a 2.49 ERA. His FIP was 2.13 so he was a little un-lucky. His LOB% was 80%. That is excellent being that is around 6% higher than league average. His WHIP was 1.01. Johnson also posted a career high in strikeouts with 372. Johnson’s accumulated 91.8 WAR, 12th highest among pitchers in history

He is a sure Hall of Famer, but many will wonder if he is going in as a Mariner or a Diamondback. He won four Cy Young’s with Arizona and a World Series. I think that’s his choice.

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