Tim Lincecum re-ups in San Fran

The Tim Lincecum arbitration case has been settled with Timmy signing a two year, $23mil deal. Both the Giants and Linecum come out as small winners.

Obviously, the Giants signed Timmy to a discount. While it’s not the $8mil per year they hoped for originally, paying him less than $12mil a season for the next two years is bargain. He’s won back to back Cy Young’s and is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. His market value has to be at or over $20mil per year. However, this could have been a chance for San Fran to lock up him long term. While they will have that shot again in two years, his price could go up even more by then. Maybe they don’t want to get themselves tied up with a long term deal, especially with next year’s FA class, but it was an option worth exploring. Still, had Lincecum won the arbitration case, he could very well be making more than $23mil over the next two seasons, so on that end San Fran comes away in good shape.

As for Lincecum himself, he also is a small winner. Yes, he could have taken the chance of winning the case which would have led to more money this year and probably next year. But what if he lost? Even worse, what if he gets hurt this season? Whether he would have won or lost his case, an injury would surely have effected his arbitration case next off-season. So he took the guaranteed $23mil. Can’t blame him.

I wonder how much pot $23mil can buy…

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3 Comments on “Tim Lincecum re-ups in San Fran”

  1. Owner Says:

    You HAD to include the pot didn’t you?


  2. thespecial1 Says:

    A lot of pot, dude. A lot of fucking pot.

  3. yc27 Says:

    haha I was gonna say that in a comment here. Nice.

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