Breaking down the Princeton Offense

We like basketball. We know some of you like basketball. So here’s a nice piece on the Princeton Offense by ASJ of our sister blog, With No Regard 4 Human Life.


Over a few weeks, I’m going to do a series of threads breaking down different types of offenses and defenses ran in the NBA. Today, we will focus on the Princeton offense.

The Princeton Offense, named rightfully so after the offensive genius of Pete Carril (renowned Princeton head coach), is an offense focused on breaking down an opponents defensive set. The reason the Princeton Offense is so difficult for teams to prepare for is because all 5 players on offense are constantly in motion.

There are four parts to the Princeton Offense set.

Part One:

A Princeton Offense usually starts with a high post entry and a cut at the top of the key on the strong side. The strong side is whatever side the ball is on.

Orange is the movement of the ball. Blue is the movement of the player(s). Excuse the terrible artwork. I’m doing this on MS Paint.

Clockwise, from the bottom left, the players are the G, F, C, F, G. Once the PG makes the high post entry pass, he’ll cut to the basket either to a) Get the ball back and go for a layup or b) if the layup isn’t there, to go to the opposite corner and everyone rotates clockwise. So now the setup looks like this:

Click the link and read the rest!

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