Nationals Promote Drew Storen

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Washington Nationals will call up Drew Storen tomorrow.  For those that don’t know, Drew Storen was Washington’s second first round pick last year behind Stephen Strasburg.  Baseball America rated Storen as Washington’s third best prospect and he was widely believed to be the team’s future closer.  With Matt Capps and Tyler Clippard pitching as well as they have been, there’s no way he’s coming up to claim the job now.  But this move might signify how serious the Nationals are getting about winning now – just not serious enough to sacrifice a couple million dollars to put the best pitcher on the major league roster.

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2 Comments on “Nationals Promote Drew Storen”

  1. Disco Says:

    Did they? Damn, I’ve been so busy I didn’t even notice.

    I’m on his bandwagon.

    It’s not going to happen, but it’d be sweet if Washington was still around .500 by June, so when Strasburg is called up they make a run for the Wild Card. Although they’re probably better off trading Adam Dunn to a team like Seattle or Oakland (if they’re in contention) for a couple prospects.

    • wisf Says:

      I was checking out Washington’s schedule earlier today and I could see them hanging around .500 by the time Strasburg gets the call. They play the other overachieving NL teams (Giants, Padres, Reds) and the Cardinals, but the rest of their schedule looked pretty easy. I guess we’ll find out which of those teams are legit, and Washington probably won’t be one of them. It would be an awesome story if they were though.

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