ANOTHER perfect game!

Congratulations to Armando Galarraga on pitching the 21st* perfect game in baseball history.

As you may know, there is an asterik because after pitching 8.2 perfect innings, umpire Jim Joyce blew a call at first base, costing Galarraga an official perfect game. But I will always refer to it as a perfect game. A 28 out perfect game.

Is it the worst call ever, like many are saying? No. Don Denkinger’s call in the 1985 World Series was a worse call. That runner was even more out than Jason Donald was tonight PLUS it possibly cost the Cardinals a WORLD SERIES. But it was still a pathetic call. No matter what angle you look at, he was out. What’s even worse is that ump thought the runner CLEARLY beat the throw. In a bang-bang play like that, call him out. Cleveland won’t protest.

As a human, I’ll feel bad for Joyce because who knows how much hate mail he and his family will receive. But as a baseball fan, that call is a firable offense. Am I being rash? Maybe, but he cost someone a perfect game.

I would also like to add this is a perfect example for those, who like me, advocate instant replay in baseball. It takes ten seconds for a viewer at home to get the replay. After that, it should take under a minute to make a decision based on that replay. Instant replay shouldn’t take longer than 1-2 minutes- hardly a bump in the road. Besides, how often would it be needed? My guess is most games would go by without a replay challenge. If anything, limit each team to one replay challenge per game.


Here is a picture…

Granted it’s not a great view, as you cannot tell the exact time he caught the ball. But you can get an idea of how bad the call was.

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