It’s not you, it’s me

With a no-trade clause and a demand to be traded, Roy Oswalt said he won’t mind being dealt to Philly, St. Louis, or the Bronx.

Please say no, Cashman. Realistically, I know you agree with me, Brian, but I am making this post anyway.

We don’t need a starter. Even for the Javy doubters, we have a really strong staff. In the post-season we already have four dependable starters and I still include Javy as a fifth despite his poor start.

Now, I know next year we could have two openings in the rotation and Oswalt could fill that void. But he will cost $16mil in 2011 and he will be another year older, pitching in the AL East, mind you. Then factor in the prospects we’d have to give up to land him.

Granted, he has the best K rate of his career right now and is on pace to have one of his best seasons. He’s never had a FIP above 4.0. But as stated, he’ll be 34 next season. He’ll be going from a relatively weak NL Central to a power heavy AL East. Sure, he was Mr. Dependable throwing 200+ innings with a great FIP. But that was his past. I just don’t trust him aging well. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he’ll age gracefully and will be worth $16mil plus prospects. But I just don’t see it.

It makes more sense just to go after Cliff Lee next offseason or another pitcher.

I am a fan of Oswalt and he has been baseball’s most underrated pitcher the past decade. He still is showing signs of an ace. But the Yanks have no glaring need for him- we have a solid rotation this year and we probably will have a solid rotation next year.

Sorry Roy. It’s not you, it’s me (me being the Yankees).

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