Jim Joyce has earned my respect

After making one of the worst calls in baseball history last night, Jim Joyce received a lot of heat from Tigers fans, players, Jim Leyland, general fans, and myself included. However, he has handled the situation in the most classy way possible after the incident. He personally apologized to Armando Galarraga as well as Jim Leyland. Jim Joyce is obviously feeling sick to his stomach over this call, and rightfully so. Yet he still did the right thing in admitting that he made the incorrect call. What he did that gained most of my respect was that Bud Selig gave him the option to take the day off and not work today’s game behind the plate this afternoon. Joyce did not accept that option and he will be the home plate umpire for the Tigers game today. He personally said that hes prepared to take the beating (verbally and possibly physically) from the Detroit fans. This surprised me because knowing how much it seemed to impact him, I did not think he would be out there for today’s game.

He made a bad call, but so does every umpire. His bad call was just in the most crucial moment of the game. If this event happened in the third inning no one would be complaining. So, after being pissed out of my mind at him yesterday, I have gained more respect for him today. Im still mad that the perfect game probably won’t be in the record books like it should be, but I respect how hes handled this situation. Dude has definitely got some guts.

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4 Comments on “Jim Joyce has earned my respect”

  1. yc27 Says:

    Guys just wanna say I think RootZoo has officially died. I went on and it say this site moved to another address.

    • 10thbatter Says:

      You might be right. Lets hope its just technical difficulties. This kinda stuff has happened before. Just in case it is a long term thing and you find another good place to talk sports, let me know.

      • yc27 Says:

        i already did man, but they are separate for favorite teams. I did some looking like last week. If you’re interested its called SB Nation. You know like Beyond the Box Score. I go here now though. http://www.pinstripealley.com/

        Its a Yankees site they have Braves and you can go on any blog no just gotta sign up for them and wait a day or not even for you to be in. Its fun and we can all still talk baseball.

  2. Disco Says:

    Might as well make a FB group or fanpage for just us and talk baseball every night

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