Hold the phone

Last night I overreacted to the Culver pick, like most fans. Understandable. Looking back on it today, I’m a lot more optimistic, although I still wish Nick Castellanos was going to be a New York Yankee.

First off, although he was projected to go in the third-fifth round, apparently he wouldn’t have lasted that long. After picking Culver, the Yanks received a call saying Culver wasn’t going to last until the Yankees next pick. So it’s not as bad a reach as one originally thought.

Second, the Yankees scouted him like crazy. They put tons of time and eyes and effort into watching this kid. So if he made a mistake, they would have seen it. If he had big flaws, they would have seen it. So while some teams may have seen him a couple times and left, the Yanks always had an eye on him. Considering they made him their first pick, he had to have done some things right, right?

At first I thought his potential was a utility player. Not great. Scouts on MLBN said he had little pop and wasn’t much of a hitter. Well the Yankees see things differently. According to Damon Oppenheimer:

“We like him from both sides of the plate. An above average hitter. He has pop in his bat, even with wood. It’s high school, but he’s hitting the ball over the fence in center field with a heavier wood bat than most of these kids we see using. The kid only struck out twice. We saw him all summer against the better stuff, guys throwing hard, and he squared the ball up well during that time so we think he’s going to hit. We think there’s a chance for power too.”

Hmmm, interesting. Apprently he is a decent batter who does have some pop. A contact hitter with some power potential. And with the glove, he’s supposed to be a young wizard.

A draft is a success if just a few players pan out. In the grand scheme of things, Culver may work out and he may not. It may matter it may not. Our 40th round pick could end up being a stud. Sure Castellanos was on the board, but the Yankees did their homework and liked Culver better. The Yankees are a smart team and know what they’re doing. To take him over some of the players available, that tells me there must be something about Culver.

Good luck Cito, welcome to the Yankees organization, provided you sign.

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2 Comments on “Hold the phone”

  1. Flyman Says:

    So…the Tigers did good drafting Nick Castellanos where they did (assuming he signs)?

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