Real quick draft notes

– I really like the Red Sox and Cardinals drafts. No surprise with Boston as they nab a nice pick in the first and take two solid, yet risky, picks in Bryce B. and Ranaundo during the compensation round. Meanwhile, Dustin Ackley 2.0 (Zack Cox) falls to St. Louis and the Cards finish the day selecting Tyrell Jenkins, a very high upside high school pitcher.

– The Angels and Rays also had a nice day with their bevy of picks. Good job by them.

– I’m assuming NY took Culver with no intention to sign him. That way they have a pick in next year’s first round if they sign a player like Cliff Lee. I mean, that HAS to be the reason…right?

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4 Comments on “Real quick draft notes”

  1. dougbies Says:

    Lots of interesting picks. From a Chicago perspective i am pretty happy. The Cubs reached at 16 for who BA calls the 191st best prospect in the draft. The Sox drafted a solid lefty pitcher, but may be looking for money in the 5 m plus range, which is partially why the Royals passed on him.

  2. dougbies Says:

    On a side note, it appears that rootzoo has possibly seen its death. Do you think it would make sense to make some sort of post on here if rootzoo never gets up and running again about other blogs to join or ways to get a hold of one another?

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