How the Mets should handle the Carlos Beltran/Angel Pagan situation

To begin, I can’t believe this needs a post. The answer is simple. Start Beltran in center, slide Pagan to right, and bench Francouer. But to most Mets fans and some writers, this is a serious question. They believe Pagan should start over Beltran and that Beltran might be hurting the team. Yeah, I know, it’s stoopid. We’re talking about future HOF’er Carlos Beltran v. Angel Pagan. C’mon media. I know you guys are mediots, but don’t fall below the Mendoza Line.

Yes, Angel Pagan is currently in the top fifteen among all MLB OF when it comes to WAR (he has 2.5). He’s been a nice surprise, providing some offense with solid defense. His rest of season projection believes that he’ll keep his current level of production. But we’re talking about Carlos Beltran, who was the best center fielder in baseball before the surgery. Yes, he is older now and his injuries may cut into his defensive range and base running ability. At the same time though, he should be able to hit and a weaker Carlos Beltran probably is still the best outfielder the Mets have.

Really though, the whole situation shows the narrow mindedness of some people. Yes, Beltran and Pagan are both center fielders. Does that mean we can’t be creative? You solve the problem by moving one of them to the corner outfield- in this case I would move Pagan. It’s not like the Mets have a loaded outfield. Jeff Francouer sucks. You can’t worry about his ego, contract, or past potential. Francouer has been terrible for three years now. In the past three seasons his total WAR is 0.0. Bench him. Move Pagan to left. Insert Beltran in center. Case closed.

Kthxbye Jerry Manuel!

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