Alex Gordon and other Royal thoughts

It’s time to start the campaign- FREE ALEX GORDON.

Right now, as we speak, Alex Gordon is in Omaha learning how to play left field. He’s been in Omaha for 47 games. In those games he is only hitting .327/.471/.569 with 38 walks to 50 strikeouts. Yes, he is striking out in 22% of his PA so far, but his BB rate is 17%. In 30 MiLB games last season, he hit .327/.451/.558 with a 23:24 BB:K ratio. It is quite clear he needs to be at a higher level than AAA. Meanwhile, the Royals have been playing Alberto Callaspo at third base. Yes, the same Alberto Callaspo of the 92 wRC+.

I really want to know what Gordon has to do to get a call-up to Kansas City. Yes, he struggled this season with KC- in TWELVE GAMES! Yes, he struggled in 2009- over the span of FORTY-NINE GAMES! That’s a grand total of 61 games. In 2007 and 2008 he played in 285 games at the ML level, compiling 4.4 WAR. His rookie season his wRC+ was a lowly 89, but in 2008 it was 109, showing that he has hit in at the highest level over an extended season.

So he had success during his first two seasons. That’s a 285 game sample size compared to a 61 game sample size. It’s seems awfully unfair to consider Gordon a bust based on 1/3 a season’s worth of data. That’s not to mention he is still young and young players- even top prospects like him- struggle sometimes. Gordon went down to the minors and is raking there. He needs to be back in Kansas City so we can see if his improvement is real. Should he continue to struggle, he can’t be any worse than Callaspo. But I doubt Gordon fails.

Look, Gordon will probably never be the star most people thought he would be. But he has smoked pitching in AA back when he was a prospect, and has smoked AAA pitching in 2009 and 2010. The only way he can improve at this point is to do so at the ML level. He needs to get his old third base job back- especially since it’ll enhance his value compared to left field. He may have hit poorly in 2009 and 2010, but that was across just 61 games. If given a real opportunity, Gordon will prove he is a quality starter at the big league level.


Kila Ka’aihue. Why won’t KC call him up? In 2008 across AA and AAA he hit .314/.456/.628 with 104 BB to 67 K over 505 PA. So far in 2010 he’s hit .314/.483/.567 with 65 BB to 46 K over 259 PA. Over his professional career Kila has shown a fantastic ability to walk and get on base, while also hitting for average and power. Kansas City, just call him up. DH him. Put him at first and DH Billy Butler. Just do something. Don’t let him waste in Omaha until he’s a corpse.

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