ASG team

Fuck voters, fuck coaches, fuck players. Here is my team.

Many stat heads believe you should vote on true talent. I understand that given the SSS of a single half season, but for some people, it may be their only shot at an ASG. I would like to reward the Angel Torres’ of the world, rather than give it to a player who is better, but not for the first three months of a season.

AL Starting Lineup:

C- Joe Mauer, 2.1 WAR

1b– Justin Morneau, 4.8 WAR

2b- Robinson Cano, 4.5 WAR

3b- Adrian Beltre, 3.5 WAR

SS- Alex Gonzalez, 2.3 WAR

OF- Carl Crawford, 4.2 WAR

OF- Josh Hamilton, 3.9 WAR

OF- Ichiro Suzuki, 3.1 WAR

DH- Vladimir Guerrero, 2.5 WAR

SP- Francisco Liriano, 4.2 WAR

AL Bench:

C- Jorge Posada, 1.3 WAR; Mike Napoli, 1.8 WAR

1b/DH- Kevin Youkilis, 3.2 WAR; Miguel Cabrera, 3.1 WAR

2b- Ian Kinsler, 2.1 WAR

3b- Evan Longoria 3.2 WAR

SS- Derek Jeter, 2.0 WAR; Elvis Andrus, 1.8 WAR

OF/DH- Alex Rios, 3.1 WAR; Brennan Boesch, 2.4 WAR; David DeJesus, 2.5 WAR; Franklin Guitierrez, 2.4 WAR; JD Drew, 2.6 WAR

SP- Cliff Lee, 3.5 WAR; Jon Lester, 3.5; Jered Weaver, 3.2 WAR; Felix Hernandez, 2.9 WAR; Justin Verlander, 2.8 WAR; Ricky Romero, 2.7 WAR; Zack Greinke 2.3 WA; Phil Hughes, 2.0 WAR


– Carlos Santana can replace Posada or Napoli. He has been raking. But through 86 PA.

– The last OF spot came down to Drew, Swisher, and Gardner. I took Drew. If one wants Swisher for the best offensive season, or Gardner for defense/pinch running in a close game that’s cool.

– Francisco Liriano is filthy. So mad we missed what he could do for the past couple seasons.

– Picking the last pitcher was hard. It came down to Hughes, Morrow, and Floyd, just ahead of Buchholz, Price, and Lewis.

– Adrian Beltre and Evan Longoria can go either way.

– I took Boesch because he has been a tremendous hitter thus far. I am starting Ichiro over Rios since Ichiro is the total offensive and defensive package- only OF with double digit batting runs and fielding runs.

RP- Matt Thornton, 1.5 WAR; Mariano Rivera, 1.1 WAR; Neftali Feliz, 1.0 WAR

NL Starting Lineup:

C- Miguel Olivo, 2.5 WAR

1b- Joey Votto, 3.6 WAR

2b- Martin Prado, 3.1 WAR

3b- David Wright,  3.9 WAR

SS- Hanley Ramirez, 2.6 WAR

OF- Matt Holliday, 3.5 WAR, Marlon Byrd, 3.2 WAR, Josh Willingham, 3.1 WAR

DH- Albert Pujols, 3.1 WAR

SP- Josh Johnson, 3.9 WAR

AL Bench:

C- Brian McCann, 2.5 WAR; Geovany Soto, 1.8 WAR

1b- Adrian Gonzalez, 3.1 WAR, Adam Dunn, 2.3 WAR

2b- Brandon Phillips, 3.0 WAR; Ricky Weeks 2.4 WAR

3b- Scott Rolen, 3.0 WAR, Ryan Zimmerman, 3.0 WAR

SS- Rafael Furcal, 2.8 WAR

OF/DH- Andres Torres, 3.0 WAR; Jayson Werth, 2.1 WAR; Colby Rasmus, 2.1 WAR; Aubrey Huff, 2.6 WAR

SP- Roy Halladay, 3.9 WAR; Ubaldo Jiminez, 3.3 WAR; Yovani Gallardo, 2.9 WAR; Tim Lincecum, 2.9 WAR; Adam Wainwright, 2.8 WAR; Matt Latos, 1.8 WAR; Clayton Kershaw, 2.3 WAR, Stephen Strasburg, 1.6 WAR

RP- Jon Broxton, 1.6 WAR; Luke Gregerson, 1.4 WAR, Carlos Marmol, 1.3 WAR


– I know Ubaldo will end up starting, but it should be J-Johnson. Anything Ubaldo can do, J-Josh can do better (so far, in 2010).

– David Wright went from another slow start to passing Zimmerman and Rolen for best 3b, to leading the NL MVP race. He’s the first NL player to crack the WAR top 5 like all season.

– It was tough not to start Furcal, but you gotta give it to Hanley. He is picking up steam right now.

– How would have thought Angel Torres and Josh Willingham would be NL starters back in March? I HAD to include Willingham the way he is hitting.

– NL OF was very tough to pick. You can replace almost all of them minus Torres with the likes of McCutchen, Upton, and Soriano.

– Yes, I know there is no Oswalt, Haren, or Cain. They are close. Like reaaaaaally close. But after consulting their numbers, FIP, xFIP, and tRA, I feel like I brought the best pitchers.

– Stephen. Strasburg. Pumps. Ched. 1-2-3 inning with 3 K’s and everyone is happy. I want him to close the game if the NL is leading.

– Marmol with a 16.34 K/9, LOL. 42.1 K%.

Now here are the subs I’d make if I had to follow the rules:

– Carlos Santana to replace Posada for AL reserve C

– Nick Markakis to replace Franklin Guitierrez for AL reserve OF

– Gio Gonzalez to replace Phil Hughes for AL SP

– Roy Oswalt to replace Stephen Strasburg for NL SP

– Andrew McCutchen to become NL reserve OF and Adam Dunn off the team OR Evan Meek to replace Carlos Marmol for NL RP

– Kelly Johnson to replace Ricky Weeks for NL reserve 2b

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