I love the ASG. But this selection day every year makes me hate the ASG more than anything.

David Cameron, quote:

On Behalf of Joe Girardi and Charlie Manuel, who were overcome with temporary insanity, I’d like to publicly apologize to the following players.

Francisco Liriano, +4.2 WAR
Joey Votto, +3.6 WAR
Kevin Youkilis, +3.2 WAR
Jered Weaver, +3.2 WAR
Alex Rios, +3.1 WAR
Josh Willingham, +3.1 WAR
Ryan Zimmerman, +3.0 WAR
Felix Hernandez, +2.9 WAR

By any standard you want to use, these eight have to be on the team. You can’t have a 2010 All-Star game without those guys. What a disaster.

I didn’t check the roster, but I saw this post. Francisco Liriano is not on the team, let alone the starting pitcher? Joey Votto isn’t on the team? Kevin Youkilis? I seriously want to know what players stole these spots and what Girardi and Manuel were possibly thinking. I mean, Joe G said he has been studying this for the past couple weeks. What was he studying? Their looks? If they wear wristbands or not?

PATHETIC, baseball, just PATHETIC.

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