Okay, so it’s been a couple hours and I’ve let the trade soak in.

I still think it’s an unnecessary trade where the value we give exceeds the value we will be getting in return. In fact, a commenter on RLYW said it best:

Of course we’re all going to back Lee, none of us ever said differently. We can only judge based off of what we do know, which is that we’re trading our best prospect since Jeter(maybe, arguable) for a 4 month rental of someone we could have had after the season purely for cash.

All in exchange for an extremely slight upgrade in our already high chances of winning it all this year.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Lee is amazing, but he only provides a slightly better chance of winning the World Series. That is not worth a prospect that has the magnitude of Jesus Montero.

However, there are positives to the trade.

1) We are clear cut World Series favorites. I should just embrace that. Rather than fret over losing a huge piece of the future, I should just sit back and enjoy the present moment, because who knows how the future will play out.

2) It’s Cliff Lee. SG of RLYW pointed out, he isn’t Pedro circa 1999-2000, but as I highlighted in my AL Cy Young post, Cliff Lee is having an historic season. There is a good chance he will break the single season record for K/BB. Our staff is already solid and boasts three all-stars, but Lee will make that four all-stars.

3) Dynasty. If we win the title this year it will mean the Yanks will be the first back to back World Champions since they did so from 1998-2000. But the near future could hold even more titles. In all likelihood, the Yanks will retain Lee’s services in the off-season. The rest of the team should pretty much retain in tact. But the development of a dynasty depends on a couple things. One is Austin Romine’s development. While he doesn’t have the star potential of Jesus Montero, I could see him producing similar to a Kurt Suzuki. I’ll take solid defense, league average offense- which is actually good for a catcher-, and 3 WAR seasons from my catcher. The other is the development of Gary Sanchez. As a teenager in the GCL, he looks like Jesus Montero 2.0 except slightly better defensively. If he can develop into a legitimate prospect three to five years from now, it will soften the blow of losing Montero. And if I had the choice between keeping Montero or trading Lee in the hopes of a dynasty, I would take the dynasty. The point of the game is to win championships. If the acquisition of Lee could be the foundation of a dynasty run, then yeah, it will be worth trading Montero.

If we don’t win a championship this season though…whoa boy. But let’s not even think of that possibility.

I’m going to miss you, Jesus. You’re the one minor league player whose boxscore I checked every night, going back to your days in the GCL. Good luck in the Seattle Mariners organization and don’t make this loss sting too much. Besides, six years from now when the Mariners don’t have the money to give you your 10/$100000000000mil deal, we might be getting you back in another trade (I can hope, right?).

And Cliff, welcome to the Bronx. Don’t let us down.

P.S.- Later today or tomorrow I want to breakdown Cashman’s past three “big” trades over the past seven months, going back to the Curtis Granderson trade. I adhere to the “In Cashmoney We Trust” motto, and he has made some absolute heists on the trade market, but these past three have been quite interesting to say the least.

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