RIP Bob Sheppard

Long time New York Yankees PA announcer, Bob Sheppard, died this morning at age 99. Also known as “The Voice of God”, he had been the Yankees PA announcer from 1951 to September 2007.

Bob Sheppard will dearly be missed by Yankee fans, and baseball fans in general. He truly did have the voice of God, and it just added to the mystique and aura of the Yankees organization. My biggest regret as a Yankees fan is never attending a game when Bob Sheppard was healthy. My first Yankees game was August 30, 2007, against the Boston Red Sox. He had been ill during the season and wasn’t able to work that day. He retired a week later on September 5, 2007.

We may all miss Mr. Sheppard, but he and his voice are home where they belong now.

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2 Comments on “RIP Bob Sheppard”

  1. Hasan Says:

    Whilst an child growing up in Greater New York on the 1950’s, Bob Shepard has been a part of baseball game for Maine for across fifty years. He’s becoming to be missed by all baseball lovers, not just Yankee. :

  2. Daniel Says:

    Thank you for interesting information.

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