Tyler Skaggs is the PTBNL

The PTBNL in the Dan Haren deal is prospect Tyler Skaggs.

This makes the deal a lot more respectable for Arizona. He is an 18 year old pitching in A ball, just a year removed from being drafted in the compensation round. At the time of the selection, scouts said he was raw and needed better command. Well he is striking out a batter an inning and his K-BB is 61. His GB and FB are also what you want from a prospect (ie good). If he develops into a strikeout pitcher that gets grounders, he can be pretty good. Should he turn into a top 50 pitching prospect in the next couple years, it will make Arizona’s return value a lot closer to what it should have been. Reports I’ve read have him as mix between Bret Anderson and Barry Zito. Not too bad.

HOWEVER, it still is a poor trade. Mainly because of Joe Saunders. He sucks and Arizona should want no part of him, especially considering how much they will have to pay him. They should have just left him out of the trade and asked for another B level prospect.

Also, another laugh factor is looking at who Arizona traded for Haren in the first place. Only Bret Anderson, Carlos Gonzalez, Dana Eveland, and Chris Carter are among the notables.

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