Buster Posey the catching Phenom and others.

With the fifth pick in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft the San Francisco Giants selected catcher Buster Posey. The Giants called up Posey up just 48 days ago and he’s has been making quite the impression thus far.

With the Giants excellent pitching this season it made sense to bring up a bat. The Bay has the third best ERA in the league sitting at 3.37, they have the most strikeouts with 804, and have only given up 335 earned runs which is good enough for third in the league. The starters have a 1.26 WHIP, 76.3% LOB%, 3.94 FIP, and a 4.37 xFIP. Their total pitching WAR is 12.8. So as you can see pitching was not a need of concern for the Giants.

On the other hand the offense was a little bit of a concern. Before Posey they weren’t the best offensive team but itss turning around though. The trading of Bengie Molina was a nice move to open up an everyday spot for Posey

Lets get into some of Posey’s stats. Now he is a rookie, but he did have 17 PA’s during September of last season. It was a very very small sample size, but he struck out 24% of the time. Now that number has decreased to 12%. His OBP is .407, his SLG is .579, and his wOBA is .422. He’s also batting .371. Now these numbers are crazy good, but you can’t actually believe he will keep this up for the rest of the year. As most guys who come up like Posey I expect a drop in production. Especially with a .384 BABIP. Posey has a WAR of 2.2 which is also very good with the time he has had up in the bigs.

Another young catcher that came up within the last two seasons is the Orioles catcher Matt Wieters. Wieters has been okay so far. Posting only a 1.1 WAR and .297 wOBA which is incredibly displeasing to all of us who thought he would be the next Joe Mauer. I’m not going to give up on the kid yet because that would be wrong. He faces American League East pitching, and doesn’t get to face the Orioles pitching staff. Instead he’s catching them. No doubt though Posey has been the better of the two so far in their VERY early careers.

NL Rookie of the year talk has been growing over the past few months. At first everyone thought Jason Heyward would run away with it, but then the Nationals called up Stephen Strasburg. Heyward has basically played the whole season and has a 2.5 WAR. Posey has played a little more than half of Heyward’s time and is .3 off in WAR values. I will also take into consideration the fact that catcher is a more valuable position than right field. So I’d give the edge to Posey here, but there is a totally different animal in Strasburg.

Its almost impossible to compare hitters to pitchers, but I’m going to try. Strasburg has been filthy since his 14 strikeout debut in D.C. In 54.1 innings he has a 2.32 ERA, 1.89 FIP, 2.15 xFIP, 79.9 LOB%! Thats ridiculous! Strasburg also strikes out about 12 guys per game and walks only 2. His WHIP is 1.07. Just a fantastic rookie season that may be ending a bit earlier than the public would want. Mr. Strasburg is getting closer to his innings limit with every start and I think he could possibly be sitting out.

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One Comment on “Buster Posey the catching Phenom and others.”

  1. Disco Says:

    “I will also take into consideration the fact that catcher is a more valuable position than right field.”

    WAR already takes that into consideration with the positional adjustments…

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