Jorge Cantu is now a Texas Ranger

It appears as if the Rangers are playing Texas Hold ‘Em and going all in for the cash prize (like the pun?!).

The Rangers acquired Jorge Cantu from the Florida Marlins in exchange for AA pitchers Evan Reed and Omar Poveda.

Overall, it’s a win-win for both clubs. While Jorge Cantu is just a mediocre hitter and worse fielder (.259/.308/.408/.313/93) he is an upgrade over Chris Davis and his .245 wOBA. Considering the Rangers seem to have the West on lock down mode, any upgrade, even if small, is important for their postseason success.

As for the Marlins, they got a decent reliever in Reed. The team doesn’t need Cantu so just the fact they got a nifty reliever for him makes the deal solid on their part. Between 2009 and 2010, Reed has only given up two homers and is a ground ball pitcher. Those are two signs that he can be an effective reliever. As for Poveda, he hasn’t pitched this year because of injury, but he is nothing special at all. He’s a mediocre starter in the minors. I doubt he’ll make an impact at the ML level.

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One Comment on “Jorge Cantu is now a Texas Ranger”

  1. dfwgambler Says:

    I agree. Cantu seems mediocre at best. We could have had Roy Oswalt if Tom Hicks hadn’t mismanaged the teams capital. I can’t wait till Hicks is gone.

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