MORE TRADES!: Miguel Tejada now a San Diego Padre

Miguel Tejada to San Diego Padres in exchange for prospect Wynn Pelzer.

I hate this deal for San Diego. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Miguel Tejada will make them worse, and they gave up a decent prospect in the process. The current Padres third baseman is Chase Headley. Headley is an average hitter (.314 wOBA; 102 wRC+) but he is a really good fielder (7.9 UZR in 982 innings; 7.7 career UZR at third). The Padres M.O. is defense. Defense is the reason why they have been winning games. It’s the reason their pitchers have looked better than they have actually performed. They have a poor offense, but you don’t want to mess with that defense unless you’re getting an offensive upgrade.

With Tejada, the Padres are not getting an offensive upgrade. It’s not 2002 anymore. Tejada has a .296 wOBA and 81 wRC+- a significant downgrade compared to Headley. Yeah, Tejada will now face NL pitching. But he is going from a hitters park to the most extreme pitchers park in baseball. I doubt he’ll start hitting in San Diego. Moreover, Tejada is a bad defender, so if he gets playing time he will hurt the Padres stellar defense.

ZiPS projects a .326 wOBA from Miggy going forward and a .318 wOBA from Headley. Factor in that Headley is the superior defender and you get the conclusion that Headley is the better player. If Tejada becomes the starter, San Diego just got worse. I mean, Headley is 26 and has a 2.5 WAR this season. He is solid ML player now and going forward. Miguel Tejada has been worth 0.1 WAR and is at the end of his career.

But that’s not the end of the story. The Padres gave up a decent prospect in Wynn Pelzer. Before the season, BA ranked him the seventh best prospect in the Pads system and rated his fastball and slider as the best in the system. He is a strikeout/ground ball pitcher who had success in 2008 and 2009 before an okay 2010 season. He isn’t anybody to write home about, but considering Tejada has been a replacement level player in 2010, he is a great return for Baltimore and a better player than one would expect Miguel Tejada to be worth at this point in time.

Baltimore makes a great trade and San Diego just made their starting lineup worse. The Padres needed an offensive boost, but Tejada is not the answer. Not only is he a bad hitter now, but he can’t field his position. This is a case of a GM giving into traditional stats. Both players have a .269 BA, 7 HR, and Tejada has five more RBI.

It’s a shame a players RBI total is the reason a GM of a first place team will make a trade that might cost his team some games down the stretch.

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5 Comments on “MORE TRADES!: Miguel Tejada now a San Diego Padre”

  1. yc27 Says:

    The Zoo is done. Its official.

  2. ref Says:

    hey I started perusing your posts because I liked your angle, and noticed a couple inaccuracies. You mentioned Mat Latos a couple times as a rookie of the year candidate, which he does not qualify for due to the number if innings he threw last year. And in this post, your whole take is based on the premise that Tejada will be replacing Headley at third, which is not the case–he will be taking some time at short and spelling headley occasionally against lefties, both spots at which he actually IS an offensive upgrade, even at this stage of his career. Just takes a little extra research to get this kinda stuff right. I’m not flaming, and I’m not a sensitive Padre fan defending my team…that just happens to be the only area in which I would be knowledgeable enough to notice your inaccuracies. Just offering some constructive criticism because otherwise I like your stuff.

    • Disco Says:

      thank you for the comment.

      yes, after the post i realized he may be playing some short or that headley might have moved to the of. but with the trade deadline i was making post after post and did not get around to edit it.

      and i always thought latos was a rookie for some reason and i always spell his name.

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