Matt Capps is a Minnesota Twin

The Minnesota Twins acquired reliever Matt Capps for catching prospect Wilson Ramos.

In my opinion, this is a bad trade. Before the season, Wilson Ramos was considered a top fifty or top seventy-five prospect in baseball. Since then, Ramos has disappointed. In 278 PA, he has a line of .241/.280/.340. That is quite horrible. But 278 PA is too soon to give up on a prospect like Ramos. I know Joe Mauer is blocking him in the foreseeable future in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean you trade Ramos for a reliever.

Looks, Matt Capps is a good reliever. But he’s a reliever! They come a dime a dozen and you certainly don’t give up one of your highest rated prospects for a reliever. It’s not like the Twins have a bad pen either. Between Rauch, Neshek, Crain, Guerrier, and Duensing, the Twins have had a good bullpen. They didn’t need Capps and even if they did, giving up Wilson Ramos is overpaying big time. Capps isn’t going to be a difference maker in the AL Central race.

As I said before, Ramos is blocked by Mauer. But you don’t just trade him for nothing. Keep him as trade bait for a better player. He went from a big prospect in a possible Cliff Lee trade to being traded for Matt Capps? C’mon Bill Smith, you should know better.

I know he will be a free agent at the end of the year and will be a type B free agent. The Twins must be confident that in the loaded 2011 draft, their compensation pick will be a pretty good player in order to justify this trade.

But just to cover the basics, I’ll do the calculations of the deal. Capps will be in Minnesota for two months. Let’s say he adds 0.2 WAR the rest of the season. That gives him a value of $0.8mil. That’s roughly how much he will be paid the rest of the season as well. If he declines arbitration, the Twins will get a draft pick, which is worth $2.5mil. Ramos, as a top flight hitting prospect, is worth way more than $3mil. And this is all assuming Capps doesn’t return to the Twin Cities in 2011 AND declines arbitration if even offered.

As for Washington, dayumn. They might be good real soon.

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8 Comments on “Matt Capps is a Minnesota Twin”

  1. Capps and Rauch are very similar career wise and this year. I like Capps but the Twins overpaid, even if Ramos is somewhat overhyped.

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