Kerry Wood is your newest New York Yankee

Reports Joel Sherman. I don’t like it.

I know Cleveland is eating money so Wood is practically free and I don’t know who we gave up yet, but I do not see Wood as an addition. Our pen could use some help, but I wouldn’t call Wood “help”. He has sucked this year and been hurt. Moreover, the past two years he’s had a high HR rate and that will not play well in NYS. Hopefully his big name will not get him big innings. I’d much rather see Joba Chamberlain or D-Rob in the eighth.

And the move wasn’t even needed. Just call up Jon Albeladajao- the dood is bossing AAA. And if not him, than Ivan Nova.

The right move is to DFA and call up Alby.

Well, whatever. Just don’t suck Kerry.

UPDATE: In a “non-move” the Giants pick up lefty specialist Javier Lopez for Joe Martinez. Who cares, to be honest.

UPDATE II: Pirates also receive outfielder John Bowker. He’s more of a fourth outfielder, but he’s raking AAA and many thought he should have been given a big chance in the Bay.

Giants also pick up reliever Ramon Ramirez from Boston. No word on who Boston gets, but it should be someone of no impact.

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