Three way deal: Ryan Ludwick to San Diego, Jake Westbrook to St. Louis, prospects to Cleveland

It’s being reported that Ryan Ludwick will head to San Diego, Jake Westbrook and a prospect will head to St. Louis, while Cleveland will get prospects. So far there is no word on who the prospects are.

I like this deal for all three teams. Lets start with Cleveland. They are a bad team and do not need Westbrook, obviously. He’ll only be paid a couple mil the rest of the season, while only providing a couple mil worth of value. So while they shouldn’t expect much of a return, they are still getting a few prospects. I have no clue if it’s anybody worthwhile, but even if its a couple C level prospects or a B level prospect than Cleveland did good here.

Depending on who San Diego gave up, I really like this trade for them. San Diego has one of the worst offenses in baseball, so adding Ludwick is a big upgrade. He instantly becomes the best outfielder on the team and the best hitter outside Adrian Gonzalez. Ludwick won’t hurt the team defensively either, seeing that he’s been a plus fielder according to UZR over the course of his career and past couple seasons. He comes cheap the rest of the season, and through arbitration will make around $9mil next year, where he could very well leave as a type A free agent. If he gets the Padres picks, he could net them around $19mil in value! That’s on the optimistic side, but still, this is a good trade for San Diego. Their chances of winning the West just went up.

Now onto St. Louis. Essentially, they are trading Ryan Ludwick for Jake Westbrook and a prospect. Straight up, that doesn’t appear to be a great trade. Ludwick is a better player. However, that’s looking at things in a bubble. Outfield and offense is not an area of concern for the Red Birds. Jon Jay can step up and be a more than capable player down the stretch. He was a high round pick out of the University of Miami a few years ago and has had a solid MiLB career. No, he is not as good as he’s been- his talent level is not a 180 wRC+- but he is good. The Cardinals did want pitching though to help them in their tight race in the Central. They have gotten any positive production from the back of the rotation. Westbrook should slot in perfectly there. He is only an average pitcher, but that’s better than what the Cardinals were getting. In a race that could be decided by one game, they need a solid start every time out. That is why the trade makes sense for them.

UPDATE: Only one prospect ended up going to Cleveland, Corey Kluber. Kluber has a good minor league track record and looks like a big time strikeout pitcher, but San Diego should be ecstatic to give him up for Ryan Ludwick. The Cardinals got Nick Greenwood from San Diego. He’s a nice ground ball pitcher, but nothing special, and if anything will end up a reliever at some point down the line.

Also, the Arizona Diamondbacks traded Chris Snyder and prospect Pedro Ciriaco to the Pittsburgh Pirates for DJ Carrasco, Bobby Crosby, and Ryan Church. Not a real big trade, especially since it’s between two last place teams, but I like it for Pittsburgh.

Ciriaco is no-name prospect, but Chris Snyder is a good catcher. He won’t have an impact on the Pirates or improve the team, but it’s a good deal and worthwhile. The Pirates can now move Doumit away from catcher and fill another hole (first base or outfield) with Doumit. Meanwhile, they gave up nobody of value to their franchise. Crosby, Church, and Carrasco are not a part of their future. In the next couple years, Snyder will be. He is a kind of young, solid catcher who will provide stability behind the plate and will be able to work with their young arms and provide “veteran leadership”.

‘Zona, again, wtf? I know you wanted to move Snyder, but you just picked up a bunch of aging veterans who won’t help you win.

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