Reconstructing the MLB Hall of Fame: Catcher

The real life, current Hall of Fame sucks. Case in point- Jim Rice.

So eight people- myself, some writers, and a couple other people- decided to get together and reconstruct the Hall of Fame, position by position. Yes, eight people seems small, but keep in mind these are eight really smart and really bright baseball minds that are more qualified when it comes to baseball analysis than most members of the BBWAA. In order to be elected, a player had to receive 75% of the vote (6/8) just like the real life ballot. Also, we can vote for however many people at a position as we want, unlike the real vote where I believe you can only cast a vote for a maximum of ten people per ballot.

For future Hall of Fame reference, use ours. It will be better.

The first position we voted on was catcher. Here are the results:

Johnny Bench- 100%
Carlton Fisk- 100%
Yogi Berra- 100%
Mike Piazza- 100%
Mickey Cochrane- 100%
Gary Carter- 87.5%
Bill Dickey- 87.5%
Roy Campanella- 87.5%
Gabby Hartnett- 75%

Joe Torre- 62.5%
Ted Simmons- 50%
Brian Downing- 25%
Thurman Munson- 25%
Buck Ewing- 12.5%
Gene Tenace- 12.5%
Wally Schang- 12.5%
Roger Bresnahan- 12.5%
King Kelly- 0%
Lance Parrish- 0%
Ernie Lomardie- 0%
Bill Freehan- 0%

Next up: First base

So there are nine catcher’s in the Hall of Fame, compared to thirteen in real life. All of the people we voted on are Hall of Famer’s or will be Hall of Famer’s. However, Roger Bresnahan, Buck Ewing, Rick Ferrell, Ernie Lombardi, and Ray Schalk have been removed.

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