David Ortiz has never had a legitimate strike three

For anyone that’s ever seen David Ortiz strike out, you know he whines and moans every time he strikes out looking. Yesterday he struck out looking twice, both on bad calls in this instance. Here is what he said:


“It was a joke,” said Ortiz. “The fact is that on top of [Sabathia] being that good, he’s got [an ump] calling all kinds of [expletive]. That made him better.

Okay, David, we know you’re mad but please don’t tell one side of the story. The ump was horrible all game, for both sides. And while CC was helped in at-bats against you, he also had at-bats where he was screwed.

Here is Sabathia’s second strikeout of Ortiz:

Two bad calls on curves away.

Sabathia walked just one batter yesterday. Here is that at-bat:

Where were pitches 1 and 4? Even pitch 5 was a borderline strike. According to Gameday, Sabathia should have had a strikeout on four pitches against JD Drew, but instead walked him because the ump failed to call two sliders that dropped in for a strike.

Ortiz claims CC benefited from the ump, but so did his teams pitcher, John Lackey. Look at Lackey’s battle with Curtis Granderson:

Hmmm, that curve outside was called a strike. So Ortiz wasn’t the only person who the ump screwed.

On the day it looked like the home plate ump just struggled on off-speed pitches. All the atrocious calls on the outside to lefties were curves or sliders. Also, the two balls on Drew were sliders inside, so it seems like the ump had a slanted strike zone on off-speed pitches against left-handed batters.

So, cool, David, the ump screwed you. But he was bad both ways and both teams benefited and were hurt. So say that or say nothing at all.

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