10 baseball players we don’t talk enough about…

This is a FANPOST from dougbies, a loyal reader and friend of the blog,. Enjoy:

In no particular order…

1. Francisco Liriano’s domination
Leads mlb in FIP @ 2.14
9.98 K/9
3.55 K/BB
5.5 WAR

2. Yovanni Gallardo’s domination
1st in NL with 10.13 k/9
2.69 FIP
4.0 WAR
At the beginning of the season, i compared him to King Felix, and so far, they’re not all that far apart.

3. Jared Weaver – Another SP getting very little attention
2nd in AL with a 10.05 k/9 ratio
4.44 k/bb ratio
3.06 FIP
1.08 whip
4.4 WAR

4. Adrian Beltre’s resurgence
Beltre, a full timer since 1999, posted an insane 165 wRC+ & 10.1 WAR in his contract year in 2004 in Dodgerland. He’s already posted his second highest wRC+ of 153 & WAR @ 5.4 of his career, again in a contract year. He’ll turn 32 early next season, but would have to think he is in line for at least a 4 year 60 million dollar deal somewhere this off season.

5. Andres Torres’ 5+ win season
Although he’s 32, he really hasn’t accomplished anything all that impressive till this season. He currently has a .386 wOBA, 141 wRC+, and pretty sick defensive stats 11 DRS & 14.1 UZR. Nobody saw this coming.

6. Rickie Weeks health
Weeks has played in nearly every game for the Brewers this season, the one thing he’s never been able to do. It’s propelled him to a 4 win season through 114 games including the highest wOBA & wRC+ of his career.

7. The sick sick power of Jose Bautista
.338 ISO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.594 SLG
.409 wOBA
159 wRC+
4.1 WAR
35 hr
25 2b
Yeah many of these have been considered “just enough” home runs, but your can’t hold that too much against him.

8. Hanley Ramirez – Un-Hanley Ramirezesque season
Seven plus win seasons the previous two years. Currently at 2.8.
Defense has appeared to take a step back
Lowest wOBA, ISO, & AVG of his career

9. Matt Kemp’s bad season
At the end of last season, most people considered Matt Kemp to be the games best CFer. Not so much anymore…sure the talent is there, but the results are.
Defensive metrics agree that he has been REAL bad this season….poor range & a bad arm.
5.1 WAR 2009 compared to a .4 WAR in 2010
Very ugly K rate, bad at stealing bases, career low AVG, OBP, wOBA, & wRC+…

10. Aubrey Huff’s season
Currently a 4.3 WAR player, and on pace to surpass his 4.6 WAR 2004.
.402 wOBA, 152 wRC+, & walk rates all career highs
Defensive metrics don’t consider him a liability
I doubt many people saw this kind of season coming from Huff when the Giants signed him.

I could probably go on with a hundred of these if need be, but Jersey Shore is coming on soon. Any comments on any of these or any players you would add to this list?

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2 Comments on “10 baseball players we don’t talk enough about…”

  1. Disco Says:

    I agree a lot on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8.

    Dood. Liriano has been Cy Young worthy. It’s him or Lee.

    But the MSM continually says that Pavano is emerging as Minny’s ace. WTF? Liriano IS the ace.

    • dougbies Says:

      Liriano is so good at using multiple pitches as swing & miss pitches. I’m sure part of the non attention has to do with the smaller market he is in. But either him or Mauer in a larger city & we would be talking about them like many of the other over talked about players.

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