Derrek Lee to Atlanta for Three Pitching Prospects

Numerous sources have reported that Derrek Lee will now be headed to Atlanta for pitching prospects Robinson Lopez, Tyrelle Harris, and Jeffrey Lorick. Derrek Lee is going to be owed 3.4 million from now until the rest of the season. The Cubs will also be sending the Braves some money (the amount has not been confirmed), which im guessing will be enough to cover Lee’s salary for the rest of the season.

First, lets take a look at this trade from the Braves perspective. Ever since Chipper Jones went down with the ACL injury, many have thought that the Braves would make a move to bolster their offense. Getting Martin Prado back might not be enough compensation for the Jones injury, especially since the Phillies have been playing much better, so I think that getting a right handed power bat like Derrek Lee is a good move considering how much Troy Glaus has struggled since early June. Having watched Glaus for the majority of the summer, it looks as if he needs some time off. Whether that may be sitting on the bench or deciding to DL him, I think he needs to rest after playing in 115 of the Braves 119 games this year. Derrek Lee has had some back trouble in the past couple of months so that is one major red flag in this trade. Lee has put up a line of .313/.356/.583 since the all-star break compared to Troy’s hideous line of .196/.291/.304 since the mid-summer classic. Given Lee’s mediocre first half, I can see why the Braves would be optimistic that he will continue his nice second half performance, which will ultimately bring his overall numbers closer to his career averages. Also, this makes the Braves bench that much deeper. Some scouts say that Freddie Freeman still needs some more seasoning in AAA and will be ready by next spring. So rushing him up just to platoon with Glaus probably isn’t going to be the best move. Derrek Lee also has much better range than Troy Glaus so some plays that were difficult for Glaus to make are hopefully routine for Derrek. I like this trade because it gives us a nice power bat in the middle of the lineup, which will leave Troy “The Automatic Out” Glaus sitting on the bench unless Lee is in need of a day off and will push Alex Gonzalez towards the bottom of the lineup.

I also like this trade from the Cubs perspective. Since Lee passed through waivers fairly easily, it was obvious that he wasn’t drawing much interest from anyone other than the Braves. It is obvious that the Cubs won’t contend for the playoffs this season and Lee will be a free agent after this season. Cubs made out well by getting some pitching prospects for him while they still could. Tyrelle Harris and Jeffrey Lorick were not ranked particularly high in the Braves system and they project as relievers in the major leagues. Robinson Lopez has the most upside in this trade mostly because he has the ability to be starter and hes just 19 years old. Robinson Lopez has pitched 6+ innings 7 times this year out of 16 games started. Not particularly the most promising numbers, but hes only 19. Cubs fans will have to keep and eye on him and see if he can develop into a back end starter. The Cubs probably weren’t and should not have expected any top 10 prospects in the Braves system.

The Cubs took a step towards rebuilding their team with this trade and the Braves increased their chances of winning the division than with Troy Glaus manning first base. Its a win/win.

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