Stephen Strasburg to have Tommy John surgery

Since the strike in baseball, outside of steroids this could be the worst piece of news I’ve heard regarding the game of baseball. For real.

Stephen Strasburg is the best prospect and most exciting young pitcher baseball has had in a long, long time and now we will not see him again in a Major League uniform until 2012. He had a chance to have a special career, and can still have a great one, but losing 1-2 years off your career will hurt anybody trying to become one of the game’s all-time best. Yes, I said it. After a handful of starts I believe he had/has a chance to be one of the best pitcher’s in the history of the game. I mean, attendance has been slacking and the economy has been a thorn in the side of baseball. But here comes this kid who is already able to generate sell outs wherever he pitches and can have his jersey sold in the stadium of other teams. TBS bumped a large market match-up in order to air Cleveland and Washington just because Strasburg was pitching. He got fans back into the game.

But what can we expect when he returns? Will he be the same? Lots of pitchers have come back very strong from the surgery- John Smoltz, Francisco Liriano, Chris Carpenter. People say that because of the rehab the arm gets even stronger, so a player should be better than ever after the surgery. But what will a 12-18 month layoff do to Strasburg? Will he still have consistent, solid mechanics? Will his pitches and location still be sharp? Moreover, the Nationals will take even more care of him and it will take a while to build him back to full strength. It may not be until 2013 or 2014 that he pitches a full season in the majors.

That sucks. Sure, he’ll still be in mid-twenties. But we’ll have lost out on a lot of starts this phenom could have made.

Sad day to be a baseball fan.

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2 Comments on “Stephen Strasburg to have Tommy John surgery”

  1. yankeecountry13 Says:

    Yea very saddening. Strasburg got my little brother into the game this season. Something I been trying to do for years. He made my brother want to watch baseball even though it was every 5th day it was something. Plus is could have evolved his fanship over time.

  2. yankeecountry13 Says:

    I got Yanks vs. Sox tix for the 24th!!! What up Hill?!

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