ESPN at it again

This morning I was watching Sports Center and ESPN was running a poll that went along the lines of: which notable pitcher should win the AL Cy Young. The choices were Clay Buchholz, Trevor Cahill, Felix Hernandez, David Price, and CC Sabathia.

You read that correctly. Cliff Lee, Francisco Liriano, Jered Weaver, and even Brandon Morrow were not thought of to be put on the ballot ahead of those first five pitchers. Which is bullshit. It is just another example of how people obsess over 19th century stats in ERA and W/L record. Felix Herandez is the only pitcher with a strong case who ESPN put on the ballot. No disrespect to the others pitchers, as they’ve had great seasons, but their seasons pale in comparison to Cliff Lee or Francisco Liriano.

If CC Sabathia wins the Cy Young because he has 20+ win I will lulz all day. And Francisco Liriano will have to kill someone for a writer to recognize him.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m back at Rutgers. It was a good, fun, and productive summer though. I hope you keep reading even if the posts dwindle down. Hopefully some of the other writers pick it up.

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One Comment on “ESPN at it again”

  1. yankeecountry13 Says:


    Also Liriano been really good of late. I think hes becoming my Cy Young pick .

    Hill heres my blog.

    If you want I’ll post something here for you.

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