The Cardinals iz dumb

Tony LaRussa didn’t play Colby Rasmus everyday, even though Rasmus is an up and coming star who was having an excellent season. Now Rasmus wants out of St. Louis, and Albert Pujols does as well. What a mess.

I don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes, but it looks like LaRussa let a personal disagreement dictate playing time. Rasmus had a 2.3 WAR as a rookie and was on his way to an even better season, until LaRussa significantly reduced his playing time. Why? Well, I can’t say there is a good reason. He has a 128 wRC+ for a center fielder, with okay defense. But for some reason LaRussa stopped playing him everyday.

The end result is Rasmus wants out and a trade seems like the only answer to the fued.

Way to go, St. Louis. Maybe Rasmus is being a little immature, but he just wants to play because he knows he’s one of the best players you have. Now you will be losing a guy who is emerging as one of the best center fielder’s in baseball. Plus, you lose leverage you have in a trade because other teams know you have no other options at this point.

I know we have a full outfield, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Colby Rasmus in pinstripes. But he deserves better and I hope he is traded to a team that will respect his talents.

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