Derek Jeter reaction

Unless you live in a cave by now you probably noticed the big sports story of the day is Derek Jeter fake being hit by a pitch, when the pitch really hit his bat.

I just want to say the play is okay. That type of acting is something that is taught in Little League. As a fan and teammate, I would be mad if Jeter or anyone else did not try to act like they got hit. It’s not a “classless” move like some believe.

People such as Rays manager Joe Maddon and former commisioner Fay Vincent both had no problems with Jeter’s acting. However, what if the player under the spotlight was Alex Rodriguez? I believe a fellow blogger (it might have been Joe Poz or someone else) brought up a similar question. Would the move be praised by certain baseball people if it was A-Rod? Or would the reaction be unanimously negative? I for one believe people would hate on A-Rod, bringing up a terrible double standard.

Finally, some people think that by faking being hit by a pitch, Jeter is resorting to a low life tactic in his poor offensive season. Sorry, but that is not a legit train of thought at all. First, the action is not “resorting” to anything. Second, he would have done the same thing in his prime. Why? Because all players would try selling it.

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