20 wins or 50 home runs?

The other day on YES during a Yankees broadcast, the text question of the day was which is more impressive: 20 wins or 50 home runs in a season.

I just want to comment on how silly this question is. The answer by far is 50 home runs.

1) There are only 26 different people in baseball history who have hit 50 homers in a season. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of pitchers who have won twenty games or more in a season. Hundreds. 26. Hundreds. 26. Yeah.

2) Just look at recent history. So far this season three pitchers have won twenty games. There is just one person who hit fifty home runs. In this decade, 50 homers were hit on nine different occasions- by seven players. There have been 34 50 game winners this decade.

3) As you all know, a home run is the most influential single event in a baseball game. Wins are a worthless stat that don’t tell us much about the pitcher. So a home run>a win. On that basis alone it should be more impressive.

So yeah, based on the points made above I’m going to have to say 50 home runs is more impressive than 20 wins.

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2 Comments on “20 wins or 50 home runs?”

  1. Doug Bies Says:

    I don’t really agree with your first two points. The rarity of the event shouldn’t have much to do with which is more valuable….Your third one should be the main point/argument.

    • Disco Says:

      Points taken.

      Thanks for continuing to read the blog. I know you don’t come around RZ often and for good reason. But it’s nice that you follow the posts here.

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