Yankees ALDS rotation

The Yankees ALDS rotation is official. CC Sabathia will start game 1, Andy Pettitte will pitch game 2, and Phil Hughes will start game 3. CC Sabathia will go on short rest in game 4 (which makes me happy since I’ll be in attendance assuming there is a game).

My one area of concern is the decision to start Andy game 2 and not Phil Hughes.


– The Twins big bats are lefty- Joe Mauer and Jim Thome. By throwing Pettitte game 2, the Twins lefties ideally will be at a disadvantage for the first two games.

– If CC pitches game 4, the game 2 starter would have to pitch game 5 if there is a game 5. Obviously, the Yankees would prefer Andy to pitch in game 5 because 1)they don’t want Phil to go too far over his innings limit and 2) Andy is the “proven vet”. 3) The lefty issue talked about above.


– Phil is much better on the road. He is a fly ball pitcher so Yankee Stadium is not very kind to him. Considering how spacious Target Field is, Phil could potentially excel there for one game.

– As mentioned, the Twins best two hitters are left-handed. NYS is very kind to lefties. NYS is not kind to Phil Hughes. Mauer and Thome could have field days in the Bronx. But if Pettitte, a lefty, was going then that would contain the Minnesota lefties in NYS.

In the end, pitching Phil game 3 is the only scenario. Sure, he would probably pitch better on the road, but throwing Andy in game 2 lets the Yankees throw four lefties in the series to limit Thome and Mauer. That benefit seems to outweigh Phil’s potential production boost pitching on the road.

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One Comment on “Yankees ALDS rotation”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    Great post man! I am a big believer in the fact that you need a very good rotation to be able to win in the playoffs, and right now the Yankees don’t have that. It’s so difficult to outscore teams in the playoffs, that goes for any sport, because you have to face each teams best pitcher’s night in and night out. Scoring is at a premium in any sport when post-season time rolls around. Burnett, Hughes, Vazquez…who do you start? Tough call, no clear-cut answer and even though they have gone with Hughes only time will tell if it is the right decision. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/bottom-3/

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