Annoying media narratives

I swear, I want the blood of the next MSM reporter to mention how Minnesota got screwed by the umpires in game 2.


Ignoring narratives and looking at reality, Pavano got a generous- to say the least- strike call on a pitch that passed over chalk on the right-handed batters box. Umps shouldn’t be in the business of giving make up calls, but had the ump called that one pitch a ball, then Pavano’s strike called ball would not have been strike three. But admitting that means less papers sold and less articles read so of course the media will ignore it.

Moreover, the Yankees DOMINATED that game. For a good 3 or 4 straight innings, Andy Pettitte completely shutdown the Twins offense. Meanwhile, the Yankees were pounding Pavano. Yes, he pitched in the seventh, but many outs were hit hard and the Yankees had a ton of base runners in the game. The game was more lopsided than the score indicated.

The Twins were outplayed and the home plate ump did not turn the game like the media would have you believe.


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