Brian McCann: Baseball’s Mr. Underrated

If you’re a reader of the blogosphere, you already know the unofficial most underrated baseball is Shin-soo Choo. Choo is an awesome player and quite underrated by the MSM. But if there is one All-Star caliber player who the press loves to ignore, it’s Brian McCann.

Since becoming a full-time catcher for the Atlanta Braves in 2006, McCann has posted three seasons of 5+ WAR and has a career WAR of 23.9. Oh yeah, did I say he is only 26 years old?

He has a career line of .289/.360/.489/.364/125. Not too bad for a catcher. Moreover, he is one of baseball’s best bargains as Atlanta will be paying him just $15mil over the next two seasons combined. Considering he won’t turn 27 until next season, the best is most likely yet to come from McCann. He’s had an outstanding start to his career, and if he can keep it going- which doesn’t always happen for catchers- then we could be looking at a potential Hall of Famer. Yes, I know forecasting that far ahead is risky, but the guy has been a rock behind the plate.

He has everything you want from a franchise player. Offensive ability? Check. Defensive ability? Check. Affordable contract? Check. Age on his side? Check? Valuable position? Check.

Brian McCann is awesome and it’s about time the MSM starts to recognize him as one of the game’s best players. Period.


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One Comment on “Brian McCann: Baseball’s Mr. Underrated”

  1. Doug Bies Says:

    Do you see any solid catcher comparisons through similar points of their careers?

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